MTU and MTU-A Geophysical Instruments

MTU Magnetotellurics
1 kHz to 0.00002 Hz (50 000 seconds)

MTU-A Magnetotellurics and Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics
10 kHz to 0.00002 Hz (50 000 seconds)

Features MTU and MTU-A

MTU-net Satellite-Synchronized Data Acquisition and Processing System
  • Lightweight, portable, rugged

  • No cable links required

  • GPS synchronized

  • 10 000 Hz to 0.00002 Hz

  • 24-bit digital resolution

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Operable from -20°C to +50°C

  • Available with 2, 3, or 5 channels per instrument (electric, magnetic, or both)

  • Unlimited number of channels per system

Summary Specifications

Models & channels

E denotes electric channels; H denotes magnetic channels; A denotes AMT capability:
MTU-2E, MTU-2EA, MTU-3H, MTU-5 (2E + 3H channels), MTU-5A

Frequency range

MTU: 1 kHz to 0.00002 Hz (50 000s) MTU-A: 10 kHz to 0.00002 Hz (50 000s)

Dynamic range

130dB; gain settings variable by factors of 4

Input impedance



Powerline notch filter >40dB plus selectable low pass, high pass, band pass

Data storage

Industrial-grade removable flash memory, 256MB or 512MB (upgradeable)


Program file on flash memory or USB, parallel, or serial connection to Windows PC


One per channel, 24 bits. Samples/second:
MTU: 2400 or 3072
MTU-A: 24 000

Timing accuracy

Better than ±500 nanoseconds; oven-controlled crystal oscillator synchronized to GPS

Controls, Indicators

Power switch; bright LED indicates instrument status via flashing sequence


Approx. 4kg


230mm x 225mm x 110mm environmentally sealed diecast aluminum case


Multi-pin, military-style connectors for sensor input, GPS, and battery
Heavy-duty binding posts for electric field inputs and ground

Input power

12V DC from any suitable battery

Power consumption

Approx. 9W


Approx. 9W