Slocum G2 Glider Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Slocum G2

Slocum G2 Glider

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


Slocum G2 gliders offer flexibility, efficiency and the ability to succeed in a harsh ocean environment.  Buoyancy driven, the long range and duration of Slocum gliders makes them ideally suited for persistent remote water column observation. No matter the sea state, gliders are capable of continuous sampling without risking personnel or costly assets.  Over 40 sensors and other options are available for a wide variety of ocean conditions and sampling requirements. Slocum gliders can run pre-programmed routes, surfacing to transmit real time data to shore while downloading new instructions at regular intervals at a substantial cost savings compared to traditional surface ships. Additionally, fleets of gliders can be operated with minimal personnel and infrastructure. The robust Slocum glider provides the data you need, at an affordable cost, with the flexibility required for changing mission requirements.


  • Environmental Monitorin
  • Remote Sensing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Scientific Research

Technical Specifications


Versatile, deployment with 1-2 people. LARS options available


Alkaline or Lithium batteries

Deployment length

15-50 days (Alkaline)* 4-12 months (Lithium)* * Dependent on sensors, sampling frequency, energy source, and communications

Configuration options

4 to 200 meters operating depth range or 40 to 1000 meters operating depth range


GPS, Pressure Sensor, Altimeter, Dead Reckoning


RF Modem Iridium (RUDICS), ARGOS, Acoustic Modem


.35 m/s (0.68 knots): 1.5 meters; Hull diameter 22 cm


54 kgs (dependent upon configuration)


Vehicle Length: 1.5 meters (base vehicle) Hull Diameter: 22 cm


600 - 1500 km (A) / 4000 - 8000 km (L)

Depth options

(4 to  200m) or (40 to 1000m) operating depth range*