RS-125 Handheld Radiation Detector

RS-125 super

RS-125 Super-SPEC

Handheld Radiation Detector

Providing Search, Assay and Scan Modes of Operation



Total count display on front panel in cps at 1/sec update rate.  Loud linear audio permitting eyes-free operation.  USB earphone support for noisy area surveying.

Scan mode

Variable rate SCAN mode stores data in memory or outputs via Bluetooth to an external storage device.  External GPS is integrated into the data stream via Bluetooth connection to give location data.

Assay Mode

The assay mode provides sample concentration analysis with direct data display  of K (%), U and Th (ppm) as shown below.  User selectable sample time for optimum analysis.

RS-Analyst Software

The RS-125 is provided with utility software to download the data that is stored in memory. All data in memory is output via Bluetooth or USB to the RS-Analyst program on a PC.  This may take the form of 1024 channel spectra, assay data or Scan data + GPS.  The program also gives graphical and numeric views of the data.  The data can also be re-exported as a text file for further processing.

Technical Specifications

Energy Response

30 keV  3000 keV

Internal Sampling

20 / second


Search Mode : Counts in CPS from 0 to 65,535 and Histogram chart


Assay Mode: Display in %K, ppm of U & Th (ROIs per IAEA)




Memory can be partitioned for desired storage




Scan Total Count only  - 94,000 readings


Scan + Assay -  more than 1000 readings


Assay only  - more than 400 readings


(plus full spectrum)

Data Input / Output


(Using supplied RS-Analyst software)

Bluetooth (BT)


GPS link via BT


128 x 64 pixels, 1 1/8” x 2 3/8”


Graphic LCD display with white backlight and automatic dimming


Internal battery pack module (4xAA) easily replaceable


Rechargeable or alkaline


Life: 8 +  hours at 20°C

Temperature Range

-20°C  to +50°C


Single one button, Thumb activated


Audio via miniature speaker


Variable audio threshold set point


Audio proportional to count rate


4.4 lb (2 kg) including batteries

Size & Package Style

10.2” x 3.2” x 3.8” (259 mm x 81 mm x 96 mm)


1 mm aluminum outer case


In a flashlight configuration with side support strap, wrist strap and optional detachable handle

Standard Accessories

RS-125 Scintillometer with carrying handle


Removable protective boot with shoulder strap


Battery cartridge with 4 x AA rechargeable batteries & charger


Spare battery holder cartridge


RS-Analyst utility software


USB cable


User guide


Delivered in hard case with foam insert