Multi-function Geophysical Current Source


The most advanced controlled current source available for electrical methods exploration, the TXU-30 incorporates many of the features of the groundbreaking new technology developed in 2001 for the 160 kW Phoenix T-200 unit.

The TXU-30 is a compact portable model, combining substantial power output (20 kW) with great reliability, flexibility, and user-friendly operation.

Simplified MG Requirements

The new design eliminates dependence on specialized motor generators. Now, you can buy or rent a suitable MG from any convenient local supplier, and that means:

  • No more service and spare parts supply headaches.

  • Possible capital cost savings.

  • Reduced shipping costs. (Over the life of the product, this can add up to considerable savings!)

Advanced Controls - Easy to Use

Advanced microprocessor control provides superior performance across the board. Large, bright LEDs display instrument status and critical values. Simple, straightforward controls make it easy to adjust all operating parameters within allowable limits.

Climate-Controlled Exploration!

Use the cable-linked remote control panel to operate the TXU-30 from up to 30 m away. Manage your EM transmissions in the comfort of a heated or air-conditioned field truck cab! You'll also appreciate being able to talk with the rest of the crew by mobile phone or radio without having to fight the noise (audible and RFI) of the MG.

High S/N Ratios - Precision Synchronization

In highly resistive areas in the past, users have relied on dangerously high voltages in an attempt to achieve an adequate signal-to-noise ratio at the receiver. The TXU-30's built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite-synchronized timing control, coupled with companion GPS-synchronized receivers, solves this problem.

Because the entire system is synchronized, receivers can maintain proper registration while stacking even extremely weak signals. The signals can be stacked as long as necessary until the S/N ratio is acceptable.

Wired or Wireless Data Links

The TXU-30 continuously saves time series records of its output current and voltage on a removable 512 MB flash memory card. This information, required for deconvolution calculations in Spectral IP, can be transmitted to a companion receiver system over either a wireless or an optional cable link.

Alternatively, the data on the flash memory card can be uploaded to the post-processing computer via a high-speed, low-cost interface.

IP: Induced Polarization: Frequency and Time Domain, Phase and Spectral IP
CSAMT: Controlled Source Audio Magneto- Tellurics in scalar, vector, and tensor modes
TDEM, FDEM: All common Time and Frequency Domain Electromagnetics functions


Summary Specifications


52cm W x 44.5 cm H x 60 cm D




Operating: -20°C to 45°C
Storage: -35°C TO 50°C

Maximum Power Output

20 kW at 25°C, sea level

Duty Cycle

100%, 50%, 33%, 25%


90% at full power

Current Range

1-40 A, 0.5-20 A

Current Range

1-40 A, 0.5-20 A

Voltage Range

25-1000 V

Input Voltage

200-240V at 50/60/400Hz

Frequency Range

256s to 9600Hz (Frequency Domain)
128s to 30Hz (Time Domain)

Timing Control

GPS synchronized ± 0.5 µs

Turnoff Characteristic (TEM)

Linear ramp better than 5 µs/ampere

User Interface

Cable-connected remote control panel

Fault Protection

Input voltage out of range
Output voltage out of range
Output current out of range
Power stack temperature high