Field Sensors

Designed For Use In The Most Demanding Environments


Magnetic and Electric Field Sensors for Natural-Source and Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Methods


field sensor 2


Phoenix offers a range of electrical and magnetic sensors for MT and AMT data acquisition.

MT, AMT, CSAMT                       : Magnetotellurics (MT), Audio MT, and Controlled Source Audio MT in scalar, vector, and tensor modes

TDEM, FDEM, MulTEM, LowTEM    :  All common Time and Frequency Domain Electromagnetics functions

All Phoenix field sensors are highly reliable, lightweight, and manufactured to exacting standards. Designed for use in the most demanding environments, they have proven their reliability and quality on many thousands of surveys around the world.

Combined with the V5 2000 System or instruments, they provide excellent data quality over a wide range of frequencies.

sensor coil 2

MTC-50H : magnetic sensor coils for MT with weight 8.2 kg, dimension 144 cm x 6 cm dia., and frequency range 400 Hz to 50,000 seconds

MTC-150 : magnetic sensor coils for BMT and AMT with weight 6 kg, dimension 144 cm x 6 cm dia., and frequency range 10,000 Hz to 10,000 seconds

MTC-80H : magnetic sensor coils for MT with weight 5 kg, dimension 97 cm x 6 cm dia., and frequency range 400 Hz to 10,000 seconds

AMTC-30 : magnetic sensor coils for AMT, CSAMT, FDEM with weight 3 kg, dimension 82 cm x 6 cm dia., and frequency range 10,000 Hz to 0.1 Hz


The airloop model AL-100 


The airloop model AL-100 is specially designed for vertical magnetic field MT measurements in stony and hard ground, where it is difficult to dig a hole for a vertical coil.




ellectrode sensor



The PE5 non-polarizing electrodes  : weight 0.75 kg, dimension 13 cm x 7.25 cm dia., and flat response across frequency range DC to 10 000 Hz. A low noise, low offset, low DC drift, non-polarizing, broadband electrode. Porous ceramic contact surface and PbCl2 slurry prevent polarization. Heavy-duty PVC and ABS construction protects against foul weather and temperature variations when buried in the earth. Life Expectancy for 2 years or more; slow to dry, easily rehydrated.

TEM sensor



TEM-AL MulTEM Loop : magnetic sensor coils for TDEM with weight 3.2 kg, dimension 55 cm x 53 cm x 6 cm, effective area 100 m2, built-in bubble level and bandwidth : 40 kHz (critically damped).

The late-time response has been improved without compromising early-time response. The dramatic reduction in size and weight makes it easy to deploy multiple loops for up to three simultaneous EM measurements at the V8 receiver.