UXO Detection and Analysis

UXO Detection and Analysis

Geosoft provides software solutions for land and marine unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, classification and project planning. Improve effectiveness and accuracy in the detection and location of buried UXO.


UXO Land 

UXO Land

The UXO Land extension for Oasis montaj provides a complete suite of tools for working with land-based UXO survey data. UXO Land provides unique capabilities for finding and analyzing UXO targets, based on electromagnetic and magnetic (total field and gradiometer) data. Process, analyze and perform quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) tests on high volumes of data.  It is used to quickly locate the ground position of potential UXO targets in large volumes of data and narrow these selections to a final target list.
UXO Land supports appropriate EM systems with a focus on the Geonics EM61 transient electromagnetic (EM) EM61-Mk2 system with various coil configurations. Generally, all types of field magnetometers, arrays and gradiometers are supported.

Overview of UXO Land : 

  • Locate and analyze UXO targets

  • Run a comprehensive suite of QA/QC procedures, tests and reports

  • Apply lag, heading, sensor offset, and base station corrections to help remove unwanted signals from data

  • Apply spatial filters to smooth and enhance profile and gridded data

  • Create an analytic signal grid from magnetic data to position positive peaks over the center or edges of potential UXO targets

  • Automatically pick targets from both electromagnetic (EM) and magnetic data

  • Interactively add, remove or edit targets from profiles and grids

  • Measure the target size 

  • Calculate the apparent depth to source from EM and magnetic data

  • Create an audit log to track all data processing

  • Create customized maps and reports


UXO Marine 

UXO Marine

The montaj uXO Marine extension provides a comprehensive workflow and tools to process, detect, and analyse marine magnetic data.

UXO Marine works with data from all individual and multi-sensor arrays, as well as gradient systems such as the Marine Magnetics Seaquest (2 to 4 sensor) and the Geometrics tVG, to rapidly and reliably convert high volumes of magnetic data into accurate target detection, mapping and analysis. Your custom-built arrays are also fully supported. as well, you can import and map electromagnetic (eM) and other data types as required.

Overview of UXO Marine :

  • Ensure data quality through instrument tests and other QA/QC processes

  • Automatically position all sensors in multi-sensor arrays

  • Full suite of enhanced navigation corrections and standard magnetic data corrections

  • Drape magnetic survey data to constant “altitude” above the sea floor

  • Enhance data with filtering and residuals for noise removal

  • Pick targets automatically from profiles or gridded data using analytical signal calculation capabilities

  • Interactively add and delete targets in profile or map views

  • Automatically analyse the locations, depths, and ferrous weights/magnetic moments of targets

  • Produce specialised reports and maps