Geothermal Exploration in Turkey with Phoenix Equipment

December 2013

Geothermal Exploration in Turkey with Phoenix Equipment

albanian gas field 3

                     an Energy Holding MT team in the field with Phoenix equipment, left to right; Orhan Aydogan, Boran Demir, Kürsat Erdagi and Egemen Erkanli


Phoenix equipment is being deployed throughout Turkey in areas where there is high potential for finding geothermal energy.

Energy Holding, a global company involved in iron and steel, agriculture, construction and renewable energy, is acting as a major developer of geothermal energy projects. The company has more than 50 geothermal concessions and is using Phoenix MT/AMT/TDEM equipment to search for this renewable energy resource.

Energy Holding, based in Istanbul, has five years of experience in geothermal energy development projects. The company involvement is vertically integrated, from the exploration stage and drilling, to establishing and operating geothermal power plants.

In line with this full integration strategy, and in order to conduct its own exploration studies, the company purchased from Phoenix one of Turkey’s largest systems for AMT/MT/TDEM measurements; it consists of two Phoenix V8 systems with T-4 transmitters as well as seven MTU-5A systems.

The company formed its own in-house MT team led by geophysicist Erhan Erdo?an and consultant Prof. Ahmet T. Ba?okur. In August 2013, two experienced Phoenix geophysicists, Yann Avram and Alexander Golyashov, visited Energy Holding’s concession areas for MT team field training. During the 15 days of training, the Energy Holding MT team learned about data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The Energy Holding MT team recently completed successful MT fieldwork at one of the company’s geothermal concessions in Manisa,Turkey.

(The Phoenix, Issue 56, Phoenix Geophysics Ltd., December 2013)