phoenix geosystem indonesia


PT. Phoenix Geosystem Indonesia was established in 2005 with expert in Gravity, Magnetotelluric & 3D Seismic Tomography, We are concentracting on our clients expectations of technology, performance and quality. Our successful portfolios are 2012 Oksibil-Papua Airborne Gravity Survey, 2016 Boka-South Papua Seismic Tomography.


Our Mission

  1. To provide internationally recognized high quality non-seismic geophysical hardware and software, including but not limited to Gravity & Aero-Gravity, Magnetotelluric (MT), 3D Passive Seismic Tomography (PST), gravity and others geophysical application.
  2. To provide lease-based geophysical equipment to geophysical services providers and to government research and development institutions.
  3. To provide Indonesia with services in natural-resources exploration, focusing on energy sources (oil, gas, geothermal), metallic minerals, groundwater, enviromental and geotechnical problems.


Product & Service:

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • Phoenix techniques and instruments are non-invasive and do not harm the environment. The safety of operators is a high priority : our controlled-source equipment incorporates complete voltage and current protection.

Service and Training

  • We provide complete service, and support for every instrument and sensor we manufacture. On site, in-field, and international training, as well as ongoing support, are offered to all our clients.