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Landtech Geophysics was built on the experience of its founders who are leaders in the field of seismicity, and have devoted over 25 years to the study of passive seismic science and demonstrate a strong commitment to research and development. We are the worldwide leader in the field of passive seismic both in PST services and also reservoir monitoring and Shale Fracking warning systems. We manufacture throughout affiliate company, Geobit, which own seismographs (data recorders and seismometers), specifically designed for passive seismic investigations. LandTech-Geophysics has developed its own PST processing software, such as neural network based, passive seismic tomographic inversion algorithms, and provides 3-D velocity, Poisson’s ratio and quality factor cubes for entire exploration blocks, along with structural and lithologic interpretations.



Passive Seismic Tomography (PST)

Passive Seismic Tomography (PST) is a new revolutionary geophysical exploration technique utilizing the natural microseismicity,(microearthquakes with magnitudes of -1 up to 2.0 Richter) which occur almost everywhere, as seismic sources and a portable specially designed network of seismometers on the surface to record continuously for a period of a few months.

After determining the hypocenters of microearthquakes we use them as seismic sources embedded within or below the target of interest and perform 3D seismic tomographic inversion of the P- and S-wave travel times to the surface recorders.

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Since the seismic sources are below or within the target of interest we do not have a two wave travel of the seismic wave (in conventional seismic since the source is at the surface the seismic wave has to travel down and then up) but only one seismic ray path from the source to the surface, so this technique is specifically suited for regions of bad penetration problems (thrust belts, heavy weathered surface layers etc.).






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