Established in 1986 to offers software and solutions to the Earth exploration industries worldwide. We provide solutions for exploration industries, government and the earth sciences, specialising in : earth mapping, earth modelling, GIS mapping, exploration information management and unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection. With offices across five continents, and a network of international business partners, Geosoft serves thousands of organisations, including government geological surveys and agencies; educational institutions teaching the earth sciences; and the most successful oil and mineral explorers in the world.


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Multidisciplinary Geoscience

Provides an integrated and industry-standard platform for multidisciplinary geoscience. Empower team collaboration, and improve the quality of analysis and project outcomes

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Exploration Geoscience

Provides multidisciplinary software for exploration geoscience, and 3D visualization of subsurface and subsea environments. Make confident exploration decisions, mitigate risk and accellerate opportunity development

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UXO Detection and Analysis

Provides software solutions for land and marine unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, classification and project planning. Improve effectiveness and accuracy in the detection and location of buried UXO

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Geoscience and GIS

Provides market-leading 3D geology and geochemistry software for Esri ArcGIS. Interrogate the data from multiple perspectives, for more accurate interpretation results

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VOXI Earth Modelling

Rapid, responsive 3D geophysical inversion. Cloud-powered speed and responsiveness make VOXI a powerful tool for visualizing the deep subsurface

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Geoscience Data Management

Provides data services and integrated technology solutions for geoscience data management.

Maximize the value of your data by making it easier for stakeholders to access and collaborate with it