Mineral Resources

Integrated approaches to mineral exploration

Model of High Grade Gold Shoots

Within the mineral resources sector, exploration companies rely on innovative technology and integrated approaches to generate and develop economic mineral projects. Geosoft delivers a complete solution for mineral exploration, including proven exploration workflows that have contributed to world class mineral discoveries.

We help to solve these challenges for mineral explorers:

  • Integrated mapping, 3D visualisation, analysis and interpretation of exploration geology, geochemistry and geophysics for mineral project development and drilling programs.

  • Processing, analysis and quality control of large airborne and ground geophysical survey data.

  • Extended capabilities for geological mapping and geochemical analysis within ArcGIS, the world leading GIS.

  • Effective data sharing across mine planning systems and GIS.

  • Lifecycle management of exploration data, including organisation, publishing and distribution.

  • Development of custom solutions including new tools, unique workflows, and specific algorithms for the Oasis montaj environment or as a stand-alone desktop or web application.

Geosoft technology is deployed as a core platform for mineral exploration within the top mining companies in the world, and hundreds of global mid-tier and junior explorers. With Geosoft, exploration organisations can reduce the risk and cost of discovery by minimising uncertainty, optimising drilling programs, and accelerating decision making for discovery.

Integrated Platform for Earth Exploration

Mineral ResourcesTarget

Target is geology software for visualizing, analysing and managing your drilling projects. With Target you can sharpen your understanding of underlying subsurface geology, and verify assumptions, to increase the value of your drilling investment, and improve prospecting and discovery results.


Mineral ResourcesOasis montaj

Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today's multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. Access to data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools is provided within one dynamic, 3D environment. More than 20 extensions are available to conduct specialised geophysical processing and analysis within Oasis montaj.

Mapping and Analysis in ArcGIS

Mineral ResourcesTarget for ArcGIS

Target for ArcGIS is a geology mapping extension for Esri ArcGIS that simplifies the visualisation and analysis of drillhole and borehole geology data within ArcMap. Using Target for ArcGIS, geoscientists can view their data in 2D and 3D, and conduct integrated analysis to enhance subsurface insight.


Geochemistry for ArcGISGeochemistry for ArcGIS

Geochemistry for ArcGIS enables explorers to analyse geochemical data within their ESRI ArcGIS environment. Using Geochemistry for ArcGIS, geoscientists can effectively examine multivariate relationships, uncover underlying structures and present results with visually impactful maps.

Exploration Information Management

Mineral ResourcesDAP Server

Geosoft DAP is server technology for publishing, distributing and discovering exploration data. It enables exploration organisations to efficiently catalog, manage, deliver and visualise large geospatial data. Via DAP data is easily accessed and shared amongst all the people that need exploration data to make decisions.


Exploration Information SolutionExploration Information Management Solution

A full range of planning, implementation, data review and preparation services are available to support successful global deployment of your DAP Server technology, and provide a complete exploration information management solution for your organisation. We can customise or build new tools that are based on your specific workflows and needs. On-site training services support adoption and effective use of DAP Server across your organisation.